Welcome to Plummer Elementary! My name is Ms. Flores and I am in charge of our school library. 

If you need to contact me, please send me an e-mail by clicking on the link to the right. I will respond either by e-mail or text during normal school hours.


Get Ready 2020-2021

Super readers: Get ready for the next school year 2020-2021!

Súper lectores: ¡Prepárense para el próximo año escolar 2020-2021!


Read over the summer and don't forget to write down the titles of the books you read.

Lean durante el verano y no se olviden de anotar el titulo de los libros que lean.

Writing a summary of each chapter of the books you read will help you remember the story of the book.

Escribir un resumen de cada capítulo de los libros que lean les ayudara a recordar la historia del libro.

!see you soon!

¡Les veré pronto!

AR Word Count

86,326,051  Words Read  (6/1/2020)
1Million Winners: Sm Araf Hossain (8,994,490), Jacqueline Hernandez (2,622,801), Karimat Oduguwa (2,585,091), Michelle Cadena Hernandez (1,780,616), Dhylln Deyl Ocampo (1,558,187), Raine Thao (1,422,179),  Jose Ramos (1,379,377), Amy Cortez (1,340,700), Jonathan Menjivar Ardon (1,249,936), Jeaneth Aguirre (1,232,008), David Ramirez (1058,410), Seth Danyel Paras (1,041,882), Victor Vasquez (1,005,241), Marelin Franco (1,001,508), Gerardo Brenes Luna (1,000,521).
Students getting closer to 1Million words: Zoe Vargas (940,324), Ashley Ramirez Acevedo (915,088), Pax Nguyen (906,945), Yesenia Navarro (906,945), Mary Joyce Macaraeg (875,099), Jayra Franco (861,153), Danna Luna-Flores (841,335), Genesis Moreno Sanchez (705,594),  Isabella Mckee-Viveros (676,450), Eva Hernandez (584,663), Jaime Mathieu Lim (569,428), Andrew Rodriguez (534,611), Esmeralda Trujillo- Arredondo (509,109), Jordan Davis (503,063), James Quinteros (500,920).

Read eBooks

  • Click on Students and select Library & Research
  • Select on the right green square eBooks
  • Scroll down and Click on See all
  • Select the book that you want to read.
  • Click on Log in
  • Choose your account: LAUSD Student and type your school email and password.
  • Open the eBook ( do not forget Your AR test after reading)